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Product Listing Ads

Enhance your product visibility with our product listing ads services. We create and optimize product listings that attract the right customers and increase your online sales. Trust us to elevate your e-commerce game with targeted and high-converting listings.


Product Listing Ads

Our mission focuses on enabling different enterprises in their marketing campaigns all over the world. One key factor that influences the success in this field is the development of effective PPC Product Feeds. We believe in our clients’ success and try our level best to develop the most useful product feeds possible

Online shopping offers a huge business opportunity for any budding company nowadays. Product Feeds, when developed with an adequate strategy in mind, can perform wonders for your online marketing. Whenever you are able to get well-structured product feeds, you can easily boost your conversions and sales. Through this, you can easily manage a healthy relationship with your PPC campaign that can work for years to come.

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PPC Product Feeds With Web Brain InfoTech

If you want to maximize your online profits and increase product visibility, you will have to integrate product feeds in your marketing campaigns. Even if you do not know what product feeds are and how they work, Web Brain InfoTech can help you with everything related to this aspect of PPC marketing. Our PPC Product Feeds services include:

  • Managing Automated Feeds
  • Meeting Channel Requirements
  • Incorporating Global Markets
  • Configuring Local Environment
  • Extending Feed Generation

Best Practices For PPC Product Feeds

The reason why everyone should incorporate product feeds in their PPC campaigns is that they allow you to deliver highly-targeted advertisements on multiple online platforms. With a product feed, you can design these ads for hundreds and thousands of products without putting in much effort.

Creating A Regulated Layout

Before going online with your product feeds, you must set out some clear rules that can help you to maintain a seamless activity in the foreseeable future. These rules can vary depending upon the nature of the business you are in.

Web Brain InfoTech also encourages you to fix these rules before any PPC campaign is started. Once these rules are established, we can setup some carefully determined formulas that can notify you with each updated product. An excel sheet can also be managed that can help you to monitor stocks, prices, sales, and addition of new lists.

Developing A Feed Structure

The product feeds in PPC campaigns can be easily managed if they are formed into a well-defined structure. A naming convention can also be used so that you can effortlessly organize the products into different categories. These categories can be developed on the basis of product title, product price, or product type. This allows you to sort your product feeds on a number of varied aspects.

Setting Up Keyword Multipliers

The structure for your product feed helps you in setting up keyword multipliers as well. The data you enter into the program should be short, concise, and granular enough to combine with keyword multipliers. This can include anything ranging from brand name to series number.

If these keywords are too long or do not fit a regulated layout, it becomes extremely difficult for the manager to use them in the product feed. In this regard, keyword generation can be considered as the most difficult part of feed development for different products. It may also require some VB coding to make your feed as efficient as possible. However, all of this can be seamlessly handled by our professional and experienced technicians.

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