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As you are aware of, Google Panda update is developed to identify and devalue those websites whose content are not up to the mark. No, Panda does not target only sites with duplicate content rather they also look for websites with thin content. Now, most people don’t have any clear idea what is meant by ‘thin content’. ‘Thin Content’ means content that adds little or no value. It could be a badly rewritten article or an article that does not involve much research. Now, as obvious, you might find it really hard to analyze and identify web pages that might be deemed by search engines as ‘thin pages. This is the reason why you need to opt for our Panda Recovery Services, which are specifically developed to help you identify the pages that might have triggered the Panda penalty in the first place.

If you opt for our Google Panda Recovery Service, we will go an extra mile to ensure that your website gets recovered from the Panda penalty as fast as possible. Recovering a website from a Panda Penalty is not easy and things can go horribly wrong if you remove the wrong pages/articles on your website. There are hundreds of factors that you need to analyze before making any changes in a page. So that means, you simply can’t trust any random SEO company that makes tall claims. Web Brain InfoTech, a professional Google Recovery Company, have long been dealing with websites that got penalized by Google Panda update and this is what has given us some edge over our competitors.

Our Google Panda Recovery Service is designed specifically to help your website recover from both manual Panda update and algorithmic Panda penalty. Your website will be analyzed by seasoned SEO professionals. We never make any compromise on the quality of service that we offer. So, what are you waiting for? Just get in touch if you want to recover your website from Panda penalty.

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